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The Town of Mountain City Water and Sewer Department is comprised of three individual departments, Water Treatment, Collection and Distribution, and Wastewater.  All three of these departments work together on a daily basis to provide the best service available to our customers.

There are three water treatment plants that serve different areas of our system, Rambo Springs, Lowe Treatment Plant, and Silver Lake.  These plants combine to treat an average of 1.6 million gallons of water per day with a maximum daily treatment capacity of 2.8 million gallons per day.  For more information concerning water treatment, feel free to contact the Water Plant Manager at (423) 727-8561.

The Collection and Distribution Department maintains all the water and sewer distribution lines in our system.  If you notice a water leak or wet spot in your yard near your meter or need additional information you may call the Collection and Distribution Superintendent at (423) 727-2930.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is located on Lumpkins Branch Road just outside the city limits.  Our plant treats an average of 800,000 gallons of sewage per day with a maximum daily treatment capacity of 1.2 million gallons.  Our wastewater plant uses a sludge press in their daily operation and also has seven lift stations that are monitored daily.  For more information, you may call the Wastewater Plant Manager at (423) 727-6655.


Water & Sewer Rates

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Water Rates
Inside City Water

2,000 Gallons Minimum $10.07
Next 4,000 Gallons $4.65
All Over 6,000 Gallons $4.50
Outside Water
2,500 Gallons Minimum $29.40
Next 2,000 Gallons $5.30
All Over 4,500 Gallons $4.65
Wholesale Rates
Necc To Cost By Contract $4.62
Effective 1-1-14 By Contract
Dry Run Utility District $4.62
Brownlow Utility District $4.62
Inside Sewer
2,000 Gallons Minimum $6.25
All Over 2,000 Gallons $3.35
Outside Sewer
2,500 Gallons Minimum $14.00
All Over 2,500 Gallons $5.95
Fair Usage Rates - Application Monthly Fees
Small Commercial 5/8" Inside $12.07
Small Commercial 5/8" Outside $31.40
Large Commercial 1" $25.00
Large Commercial 2" $50.00
Large Commercial 3" $75.00
Large Commercial 4" $100.00
Large Commercial 6" $150.00
Large Commercial 8" $200.00
Large Commercial 10" $250.00
Large Commercial 12" $300.00
Above 12" $500.00
All 1" And Above Taps Will Be Considered Commercial
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