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>Solid Waste Fees

The Town of Mountain City Public Works Department consists of the Street Department and the Sanitation Department.  The Street Department is responsible for maintaining all the city streets, street lights, traffic lights, street signs, as well as brush collection. The Sanitation Department handles all the garbage removal for the city’s customers, both residential and commercial.  Garbage rates are available on this website or by calling (423) 727-8005.  For more information, you may contact the Superintendent of Public Works at (423) 727-6651.

Solid Waste Fees

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Solid Waste Collection Fees
Residential $14.00
Business $20.00
Monthly Dumpster Fees 15/16 Fiscal Year
Once Per Week Service $130.00
Twice Per Week Service $195.00
**Business With Above Normal Garbage Will Be Weighed
Sign Permits 15/16 Fiscal Year
Small - Not Lighted $50.00
Free Standing - Lighted $100.00
Billboard Sign Permits 15/16 Fiscal Year
Installation Permit $200.00
Annual Renewal $100.00
Additional Fees / Permits 15/16 Fiscal Year
Moving Permit $50.00
Demolition Permit $25.00
Pool Rates 15/16 Fiscal Year
Child - 12 & Under $2.00
Adult - 13 & Over $3.00
Season Pass - Child $70.00
Season Pass - Adult $85.00
Pool Parties 15/16 Fiscal Year
Pool Party (3 Hours)   $90.00
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